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Main characteristic

The TP/32 has been conceived to turn brake discs on passenger cars and off-road vehicles without taking off the brake disc from the wheel hub.

The execution of the turning operation on the disc rotation site removes a possible manufacturing imperfection, assembling mistake or machining inaccuracy when the operation is carried out by means of a traditional lathe, re-establishing the perfect surface and geometric matching between pads and brake disc and obtaining in this way the full braking efficiency from the beginning.

TP/32 executes also drum and flywheel turning on the above stated vehicles

Alignment to the hub

TP/32 has to be connected to the hub by means of some adaptors, after this we advise you to properly check the disc run-out and to proceed with the eventual adjustment in order to obtain a perfect perpendicularity between disc and the rotation axis.

The intermittent feeding

The intermittent feeding acts on the displacement of the tool-holder group and it allows the tools to engrave concentric circles on the disc surface, so that we avoid the formation of the classical spiral effect on the surface which is the main responsible of the brake pad radial shifting and the consequent braking problems.

Other characteristics

When protecting carters are not mounted on the internal side of the disc, the lathe can be positioned in any position of the 360°, so that it will not be necessary to dismantle the calipers.

All commands are directed towards the operator and particularly the tool setting, that can be done with the lathe turned on by means of an hand-wheel located on the external side of the toolholder, in a favorable position to the operator, avoiding in this way the hazard of acting on the interior side of the fender when the lathe is running.

Structural characteristics

The body of the lathe is made by a casting of a special hardened aluminum alloy

The spindle shaft is made of tempered and ground steel.

Disc maximum turning diameter      380 mm

Disc face maximum width                80 mm

Working travel                               40 mm

Intermittent feeding                       0,12 mm/rev.

Drum turning minimum diameter       150 mm

Drum turning maximum diameter       350 mm

Spindle revolutions (model with 2 speeds) 55 / 110 r.p.m.

Motor power (model with 2 speeds)     0,6 / 0,8 kW

Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 780 x 460 x 330 mm

Net weight (accessories and trolley excluded)  42 kg

Voltage – Hz - phases

400V - 50 Hz - 3 phases

 to the extent to which they are specifically detailed in the sales


General Specifications:

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